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Natural language & AI

Interactive Displays: Natural Human-Interface Technologies


Andrew Breen, Hung H. Bui, Richard Crouch, Kevin Farrell, Friedrich Faubel, Roberto Gemello, Francis Ganong, Tim Haulick, Ron Kaplan, Charles Ortiz, Peter Patel-Schneider, Holger Quast, Adwait Ratnaparkhi, Vlad Sejnoha, Jiaying Shen, Peter Stubley, Paul van Mulbregt

Voice in the user interface


Interacting with voice-based interfaces on a broad variety of devices spanning smartphones, tablets, TVs, cars, and kiosks is becoming a routine part of daily life. These interfaces allow people to use complicated functions on their devices in a simpler and more natural way. Voice and language understanding are now viewed as a new fundamental building block – a new dimension added to the traditional visual user-interface. This chapter provides an in-depth review of the key concepts and underlying technologies, including voice recognition, hardware optimization, signal enhancement techniques, voice biometrics, speech synthesis, natural language understanding, dialog management, and a distributed voice interface architecture. The recent progress and trends towards the goal of creating conversational agents with a deep understanding of human language are examined.

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