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Natural language & AI

In Proceedings of the Cross Language Evaluation Forum CLEF’2010. Image Retrieval Labs. Padova, Italy


Jiangping Chen, Karthikeyan Pasupathy, Pok Chin and Ryan Knudson

UNT at CLEF 2010: CLIR for Wikipedia Images


Abstract. This paper presents the results of the team of the University of North Texas in the Wikipedia image retrieval track of Image-CLEF-2010. Our approach is based on performing translation of the French and German image captions to English and using of Language Models for generating our runs. We also explore the use of complex queries by asking two users to manually build queries based on the original topics distributed. Our results indicate that the approach of translating the image captions is feasible and yields results that are quite competitive with other teams that participated in the same track.

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