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Research area
Speech recognition

Spoken Language Technology Workshop (SLT), 2012 IEEE


Sandrine Brognaux, Sophie Roekhaut, Thomas Drugman, Richard Beaufort

Train&align: A new online tool for automatic phonetic alignment


Several automatic phonetic alignment tools have been proposed in the literature. They usually rely on pre-trained speaker-independent models to align new corpora. Their drawback is that they cover a very limited number of languages and might not perform properly for different speaking styles. This paper presents a new tool for automatic phonetic alignment available online. Its specificity is that it trains the model directly on the corpus to align, which makes it applicable to any language and speaking style. Experiments on three corpora show that it provides results comparable to other existing tools. It also allows the tuning of some training parameters. The use of tied-state triphones, for example, shows further improvement of about 1.5% for a 20 ms threshold. A manually-aligned part of the corpus can also be used as bootstrap to improve the model quality. Alignment rates were found to significantly increase, up to 20%, using only 30 seconds of bootstrapping data.

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