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Natural language & AI

SIGIR 2009 workshop on Information Access in a Multilingual World: Transitioning from Research to Real-World Applications. Boston, Massachusetts


Jiangping Chen

Towards an integrative approach to cross-language information access for digital libraries


Digital libraries are becoming more ubiquitous and their contents can be of interest not only to the communities that create them but also to individuals and organizations around the world. The content of most digital libraries is not visible to web search engines and the internal search engines of many digital libraries do not support cross language access. In this paper, we present some ideas for a general framework to support cross-language information access for digital libraries. The Integrative Cross Language Information Access (iCLIA) framework is designed to facilitate cross language access to digital libraries by capitalizing on the integration of multiple sources for translational knowledge, integration of computational power and human intelligence, and integration of several methods for words sense disambiguation. Collaboration among digital library software developers, CLIR researchers and users is extremely important for the application of CLIR to existing and future digital library projects.

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