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Proceedings of the 10th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC),23-28 May 2016, Portoroz (Slovenia).


Fabricio Chalub, Livy Real, Alexandre Rademaker, Valeria de Paiva

Semantic Links for Portuguese



This paper describes work on incorporating Princenton’s WordNet morphosemantic links to the fabric of the Portuguese OpenWordNet- PT. Morphosemantic links are relations between verbs and derivationally related nouns that are semantically typed (such as for instance “tune-tuner” — in Portuguese “afinar-afinador” – linked through an agent link). Morphosemantic links have been discussed for Princeton’s WordNet for a while, but have not been added to the official database. These links are very useful, they help us to improve our Portuguese WordNet. Thus we discuss the integration of these links in our base and the issues we encountered with the integration.

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