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Speech enhancement

Proceedings of the Int. Conf. on Audio, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Orlando, FL, USA


Holger QuastOlaf Schreiner, Manfred R Schroeder

Robust Pitch Tracking in the Car Environment


In this paper, we compare four different pitch tracking algorithms – autocorrelation, cepstrum, harmonic product spectrum, and a new method based on the modulation spectrum – and investigate their fitness for noisy environments. From each tracker, possible ƒ0 candidates in every time window are stored over a 10-frame interval, and the best contour is computed through a Viterbi search. The audio data comprises speech samples recorded in a moving car with a microphone setup commonly used for car speech applications like speakerphones. To see how performances deteriorate with increasing noise level, a second audio test set is prepared by blending clean speech recordings and noise at different signal-to-noise ratios.

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