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Research area
Speech enhancement

DAGA 2017


Ingo Schalk-Schupp, Patrick Hannon, Friedrich Faubel, Markus Buck, Andreas Wendemuth

Rating Nonlinear Behavior in Acoustic Echo Control Scenarios


Nonlinear behavior in the amplier of embedded audio systems remains a challenge in acoustic echo control. Echo cancellation or suppression methods are usually evaluated using the well-known echo return loss enhancement as a performance measure and the equally well-known total harmonic distortion to characterize the severity of the system’s nonlinear distortion. However, the latter fails to capture nonlinear behavior under excitation signals with amplitude and frequency distributions dierent from that of a simple sine wave. We propose a novel nonlinearity measure and examine its usefulness in different scenarios in relation to existing measures. Also, we present an appropriate procedure that comprises the measurements and calculations necessary to determine the proposed measure. Finally, data obtained from an example measurement series are presented and discussed.

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