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Speech recognition

1997 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, Munich


Barbara Peskin, Larry Gillick, Natalie Liberman, Mike Newman, Paul van Mulbregt, and Steven Wegmann

Progress in Recognizing Conversational Telephone Speech


This paper describes improvements made to Dragon’s speech recognition system which have improved performance on Switchboard recognition by roughly 10 percentage points in the past year. These features include the use of rapid speaker adaptation, a move from a 20 to a 10 msec frame rate for recognition, expansion of the acoustic training set and lexicon, and the introduction of interpolated language models. Preliminary results applying this Switchboard-trained system to conversations drawn from the English Call-Home corpus are also quite strong, suggesting that this technology ports well to novel tasks. Finally, the paper includes a report on several research projects which show promise of further reducing the error rate

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