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Natural language & AI

Proceedings of the Workshop on Formal Ontologies meet Industry (FOMI)


Valeria de Paiva, William Jarrold, David Martin, Peter Patel-Schneider, Karen Wallace, Peter Yeh

Ontologies in Enterprise Applications: Dimensional Comparison


Many important categories of applications such as information integration, data analytics, and personal assistance require access to a general store of knowledge. The usefulness of such a store depends not only on its factual content, but also on its conceptual framework, or ontology. Ontologies vary markedly in their characteristics, and the value of an ontology varies according to the purpose for which it will be used. Thus, selecting one or more ontologies suitable for an application can be challenging. We have created a set of dimensions to consider when making this selection. Although these dimensions are motivated by the needs of conversational assistance applications, they can benefit the development of a wide variety of enterprise applications. We applied these dimensions to four large, general-purpose ontologies—Cyc, Freebase, SUMO, and YAGO—and made qualitative comparisons between them.


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