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Speech recognition

Proc. of the 16th Int. Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-13), Maynooth, Ireland,


Katariina Mahkonen; Antti Eronen; Tuomas Virtanen; Elina Helander; Jussi Leppänen; Igor Curcio

Music dereverberation by spectral linear prediction in live recordings


In this paper, we present our evaluations in using blind single channel dereverberation on music signals. The target material is heavily reverberated and dynamic range compressed polyphonic music from several genres. The applied dereverberation method is based on spectral subtraction regulated by a time-frequency domain linear predictive model. We present our results on en­hancing music signal quality and automatic beat tracking accura­cy with the proposed dereverberation method. Signal quality en­hancement, measured by improvement in signal to distortion ra­tio, is achieved for both reverberant and dynamic range com­pressed signals. Moreover, the algorithm shows potential as a preprocessing method for music beat tracking.

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