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Speech enhancement

Signal Processing. Volume 90, Issue 1, January 2010, Pages: 80-92.


Tobias Wolff, H. Ho, J.M. Foley, S.K. Mitra

Modeling subjectively perceived annoyance of H.264 video as a function of perceived artifact strength


This paper is concerned with the subjective perception of video coding artifacts in H.264/AVC encoded and decoded video. Our objective is to model the perceived annoyance of such low bit rate video sequences as a function of perceived artifact strength. We introduce a new method for determining this function and apply it to the data from two psychophysical experiments. Both experiments produced numerical judgments of the subjectively perceived annoyance of artifact combinations and the perceived strength of the respective coding artifacts. Our method produces a discrete multi-dimensional representation of the relationships in the data from which the function relating annoyance to artifact strength is derived. The method is applied to the data of the first experiment and the resulting function is shown to describe the data from the second experiment as well.

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