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Research area
Text to speech

Interspeech 2005, Lisbon, Portugal


Vincent Colotte, Richard Beaufort

Linguistic features weighting for a text-to-speech system without prosody model


This paper presents a Non-Uniform Units selection-based Text- To-Speech synthesizer. Nowadays, systems use prosodic mod- els that do not allow the prosody to vary as far as we should hope, involving a listening comfort degradation. Our system has the advantage to avoid the using of prosodic model. Speech units selection builds its features set exclusively from the lin- guistic information generated by the natural language analy- sis. We also present an original method to automatically weight these features. Therefore, selected units are not restricted by a predetermined prosody. With only using linguistic features, we obtain a various prosody and the units concatenation is per- formed without resort to heavy signal processing.

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