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Research area
Natural language & AI

Information Retrieval, 5(1)


Padmini Srinivasan

Hierarchical text categorization using neural networks


This paper presents the design and evaluation of a text categorization method based on the Hierarchical Mixture of Experts model. This model uses a divide and conquer principle to define smaller categorization problems based on a predefined hierarchical structure. The final classifier is a hierarchical array of neural networks. The method is evaluated using the UMLS Metathesaurus as the underlying hierarchical structure, and the OHSUMED test set ofMEDLINE┬árecords. Comparisons with an optimized version of the traditional Rocchio’s algorithm adapted for text categorization, as well as flat neural network classifiers are provided. The results show that the use of the hierarchical structure improves text categorization performance with respect to an equivalent flat model. The optimized Rocchio algorithm achieves a performance comparable with that of the hierarchical neural networks.

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