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Research Area
Natural language & AI

Nuance Communications, Inc. 1198 E. Arques Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 Room 201

October 1
11 am PST

Speech-based Interactive Information Guidance System Using Question-Answering Technique


Teruhisa Misu

Honda Research Institute, USA


In this talk, a speech-based interactive guidance system based on document retrieval and presentation will be addressed. In conventional audio guidance systems, such as those deployed in museums, the information flow is one-way and the content is fixed. To make the guidance interactive, we prepare two modes, a user-initiative retrieval/QA mode (pull-mode) and a system-initiative recommendation mode (push-mode), and switch between them according to the user’s state. In the user-initiative retrieval/QA mode, the user can ask questions about specific facts in the documents in addition to general queries. In the system-initiative recommendation mode, the system actively provides the information the user would be interested in. We implemented a navigation system containing sightseeing information. The effectiveness of the proposed techniques was confirmed through a field trial by a number of real novice users.