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Speech enhancement

ITG Conference on Speech CommunicationSpeech Communication; 11. ITG Symposium; Proceedings of


Naveen Kumar Desiraju, Simon Doclo, Timo Gerkmann, Tobias Wolff

Efficient multi-channel acoustic echo cancellation using constrained sparse filter updates in the subband domain


In this paper we present constrained sparse tap-selection schemes for updating Multi-Channel Acoustic Echo Can­cellation (MAEC) filters in the subband domain. We per­form M-Max tap-selection on the complete multi-channel reference spectra and investigate its effect on the speed of convergence of the MAEC filters. We consider a mea­sure to quantify signal sparsity, and use it to investigate the spectral and inter-channel sparsity present in real-world surround sound signals. We propose a heuristic tap-selection scheme which exploits the signal sparsity proper­ties, and performs tap-selection with much lower computa­tional effort as compared to the M-Max and the full-update tap-selection schemes, while giving similar echo cancella­tion performance to both.

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