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Speech recognition

Proceedings EUROSPEECH 2003, Geneva, Switzerland, pp. 1797-1800.


Christophe Couvreur, Oren Gedge, Klaus Linhard, S. Shaumass, Johan Vantieghem,

Database Adaptation for ASR in Cross-Environmental Conditions in the SPEECON Project


As part of the SPEECON corpora collection project, a software toolbox for transforming speech recordings made in a quiet environment with a close-talk microphone into far-talk noisy recordings has been developed. The toolbox allows speech recognizers to be trained for new acoustic environments without requiring an extensive data collection effort. This communication complements a previous article in which the adaptation toolbox was described in details and preliminary experimental results were presented. Detailed experimental results on a database specifically collected for testing purposes show the performance improvements that can be obtained with the database adaptation toolbox in various far-talk and noisy conditions. The Hebrew corpus collected for SPEECON is also used to assess how close a recognizer trained on simulated data can get to a recognizer trained on real far-talk noisy data.

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