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Research area
Natural language & AI

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Hendrik Zender, Oscar Martinez Mozos, Patric Jensfelt, Geert-Jan Kruijff, Wolfram Burgard

Conceptual Spatial Representations for Indoor Mobile Robots


Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Special Issue “From Sensors to Human Spatial Concepts”. Vol. 56, Issue 6. pp. 493–502. Elsevier.

We present an approach for creating conceptual representations of human-made indoor environments using mobile robots. The concepts refer to spatial and functional properties of typical indoor environments. Following findings in cognitive psychology, our model is composed of layers representing maps at different levels of abstraction. The complete system is integrated in a mobile robot endowed with laser and vision sensors for place and ob ject recognition. The system also incorporates a linguistic framework that actively supports the map acquisition process, and which is used for situated dialogue. Finally, we discuss the capabilities of the integrated system.

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