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Natural language & AI

U.S. Patent 8903714


Holger Quast, Tomas Macek, Jan Curin, Martin Labsky, Jan Kleindienst

Concept Search and Semantic Annotation for Mobile Messaging


A textual message processing system and method are described for use in a mobile environment. A user messaging application processes at least one user textual message during a user messaging session. A semantic annotation module identifies one or more semantically salient terms in the user textual message, and annotates the user textual message with annotation terms having a low semantic distance to the semantically salient terms. A user message history stores the annotated textual messages. The semantic annotation module may further annotate the user textual message with situational meta-data characterizing the user textual message. There may be a message search module for using one or more keywords to search the user message history including the annotation terms, and identifying as a search match any annotated textual messages within a semantic distance threshold of the one or more keywords.

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