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Natural language & AI

Fourth International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development (KEOD 2012)


Peter Patel-Schneider

Challenges in the core of ontology support systems


The effective use of ontology languages, such as the W3C Semantic Web
Languages OWL and RDFS, requires a complex support system, with
developer interface, development cycle, knowledge acquisition, learning,
application interface, and data access components as well as the core
components that actually implement reasoning and querying using the
ontology language. Usable versions of these core components exist for
RDFS and the various versions of OWL that can reason with many large
complex ontologies, and integrated systems that support the use of OWL
and similar languages are now proliferating. However, the current
reasoners are less capable when handling large amounts of data and
expressive ontologies, and there remain daunting challenges in building
reasoners supporting the full use of ontology languages.

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