Zhouyan Li

Zhouyan Li
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Main area of research
Natural language & AI

The very first experience with Natural Language Processing for Zhuoyan Li could be dated back as early as sophomore year in Fudan University, China, when I started as student research intern for the then Information Laboratory, Fudan University. The topics concerned covered statistics based Chinese Word Segmentation, Chinese POS tagging, and Chinese/English translation. Later he has been pursuing Master program study, major in Computer Science, at Concordia University. His main research topic was temporal information processing on newswire genre text. His research activities also covered topics like text summarization, co-reference resolution, text entailment, and predicate argument extraction. After he joined Nuance, he has been working on NLU R&D projects particularly targeting Chinese Cantonese language, a domain that is yet relatively immature and under-exploration for computational language processing community.

Other than academic interests, he has always been a person eager for programming practice, including functional programming like LISP/SCHEME, OO programming like Java, scripting programming like PERL/PYTHON, and mobile programming like Objective-C for iOS and Android.