Yi Chu

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Main area of research
Natural language & AI

Yi Chu received her master degree in Computer Science from the University of Posts and Communications in Beijing in 2007. In the same year, she entered the Ph.D program at the University of Rochester, where she studied under Prof. Henry Kautz at the Computer Science department. During her Ph.D study, she developed a keen interest in the interdisciplinary field of intelligent assistant for people with cognitive disabilities. Her passion and experience lie on a wide range of topics: artificial intelligence (planning and reasoning), machine learning (hidden Markov model, conditional random fields, partially observable Markov decision process/MDP), ubiquitous computing, human-computer interaction, natural dialogue system, etc. She received her Ph.D in 2013 with dissertation titled "Intelligent Prompting Systems for People with Cognitive Disabilities". She further extended her interest into the natural speaking and dialogue techniques while she worked as an intern in Nuance in 2011. She is continuing her passion for developing intelligent personal assistant while working on advanced NLU system at Nuance till present.