Won-Jung Baek

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Main area of research
Natural language & AI

Wonjung has studied a variety of academic disciplines and has worked in different fields spanning the globe. Her academic training includes literary criticism as well as in-depth study of classical and modern languages. In Seoul, Korea she studied Religion, Philosophy, and Psychology. She studied Jewish literature, modern Hebrew, and Aramaic while in Jerusalem, Israel. In Toronto, Canada she was a school counselor and studied English. She later moved to Mysore, India and ran a demographic research study for an organization building charter schools and hospitals. After relocating to Cambridge, Massachusetts she continued her study of Jewish prophetic literature, started pre-med training and worked with patients at a mental health facility. Wonjung is also an organic chemistry tutor, a classically-trained pianist, and does voice-over work for web and social media campaigns. Her deep interest in linguistics brought her to Vlingo and continues to inspire her at Nuance.