Vlad Sejnoha

Vlad Sejnoha

Vlad Sejnoha, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

In his role as CTO, Vlad leads the company’s 350-strong research organization, which is responsible inventing the next generation of speech recognition and synthesis, natural language understanding, dialog, and AI. These technologies form the basis of a broad range of Nuance products, including real-time dictation and transcription, voice search, multimodal virtual assistants, and fact extraction from medical dictation for the automatic population of electronic health records. These systems are deployed on a variety of devices, and also offered as a large-scale cloud services.

Vlad also collaborates with the company's divisions on technology and product strategy, with a particular focus on emerging technologies. In this context he has directly managed select incubator projects such as the Dragon Go! mobile semantic voice search app (which made Time’s ’50 best iPhone apps’), and Dragon Dictation (which was inducted into the Apple Hall of Fame).

Vlad is responsible for the company’s external research relationships including Nuance’s five-year collaboration with IBM Research. Vlad is also the president of the Nuance Foundation which advances the field of multimodal applications and user interface technology through research grants.

Vlad is the primary spokesman for Nuance’s technology vision, and has presented at prestigious venues such as GigaOm Mobilize, CES, MIT Tech Mobile Summit, and SXSW. Vlad’s contributions and interviews have appeared in leading media such as the MIT Technology Review, Wired, the NY Times, and NPR’s Science Friday, among others.

He is a recipient of the 2014 CTO of the Year award from the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council.

Vlad has been working in the field of speech recognition and natural language processing for over 30 years and has been awarded 18 patents for inventions ranging from core speech recognition techniques to search.

Prior to joining Nuance, Vlad held a variety of research positions in the area of speech recognition, including that of Chief Scientist at Kurzweil AI, which produced the first commercially marketed large-vocabulary speech recognition system. Upon the acquisition of Kurzweil AI by L&H, Vlad led the company-wide speech recognition research effort there.

Vlad holds a BEng and MEng in Electrical Engineering from McGill University.

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