Vincent Pollet

Vincent Pollet
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Main area of research
Text to speech

Vincent Pollet is a renowned expert in the field of speech synthesis and has been working for over 16 years at three different speech technology companies (L&H, Scansoft and Nuance) without ever having changed jobs. As prolific researcher he introduced new technologies and successfully transformed research into widely adopted speech products (RealSpeak, Vocalizer). Currently he manages and actively contributes to a team of speech experts to innovate, advance and deploy core speech technology.

Selected articles

Refined statistical model tuning for speech synthesis

This paper describes a number of approaches to refine and tune statistical models for speech synthesis. The first approach is to tune the sizes of

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Synthesis by generation and concatenation of multiform segments

Machine generated speech can be produced in different ways however there are two basic methods for synthesizing speech in widespread use. One method generates speech

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Statistical corpus-based speech segmentation

An automatic speech segmentation technique is presented that is based on the alignment of a target speech signal with a set of different reference speech

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