Victor Popa

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Main area of research
Speech recognition

Selected articles

Music dereverberation by spectral linear prediction in live recordings

In this paper, we present our evaluations in using blind single channel dereverberation on music signals. The target material is heavily reverberated and dynamic range

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Voice conversion

(VC) is an area of speech processing that deals with the conversion of the perceived speaker identity. In other words, the speech signal uttered by

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Local linear transformation for voice conversion

Many popular approaches to spectral conversion involve linear transformations determined for particular acoustic classes and compute the converted result as a linear combination between different

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A study of bilinear models in voice conversion

This paper presents a voice conversion technique based on bilinear models and introduces the concept of contextual modeling. The bilinear approach reformulates the spectral envelope

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Efficient model re-estimation in voice conversion

Voice conversion systems aim at converting an utterance spoken by one speaker to sound as speech uttered by a second speaker. Over the last few

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