Valeria de Paiva

Valeria de Paiva
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Main area of research
Natural language & AI

Valeria de Paiva is a Senior Research Scientist in the Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning group. Her research interest is in the area of Natural Language & AI. As a mathematician, logician and computer scientist, she uses logic to improve communication with computer systems. Before Nuance, she was a research scientist at the Intelligent Systems Laboratory of PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), CA for many years (2000-2008) and a search analyst at Cuil, Inc. and at Rearden Commerce, now Deem. She received her PhD in Mathematics from Cambridge University for work on “Dialectica Categories”, and has ever since worked on logical approaches to computation. She is on the editorial boards of “Theoria and Application of Categories”, “Logical Methods in Computer Science” and of “Logica Universalis”. She's an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, UK, where she was an Assistant Professor, and she taught recently at Stanford University and Santa Clara University in California.

Selected articles

Term assignment for intuitionistic linear logic

In this paper we consider the problem of deriving a term assignment system for Girard’s Intuitionistic Linear Logic for both the sequent calculus and natural

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The first aim of this note is to describe an algebraic structure, more primitive than lattices and quantales, which corresponds to the intuitionistic flavor of

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A Dialectica-like model of linear logic

The aim of this work is to define the categories GC, describe their categorical structure and show they are a model of Linear Logic. The

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The Dialectica categories

This paper is a resume of my work on a categorical version of Gödel’s “Dialectica interpretation” of higher-order arithmetic. The idea is to analyse the

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