Tobias Herbig

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Main area of research
Speech enhancement

Tobias Herbig’s research interest is in the area of speech enhancement.

Selected articles

Listening Test to Determine the Mismatch Between Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Human Perception

Evaluations of speech enhancement systems are typically based on artificially generated noisy speech signals. A common approach to quantify the weighting of speech and background

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Improved performance measures for voice activity detection

Voice activity detection is an essential part of many speech processing algorithms. The requirements of the speech application determine the design of voice activity detection.

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Self-learning speaker identification for enhanced speech recognition

A novel approach for joint speaker identification and speech recognition is presented in this article. Unsupervised speaker tracking and automatic adaptation of the human–computer interface

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Adaptive systems for unsupervised speaker tracking and speech recognition

Speech recognition offers an intuitive and convenient interface to control technical devices. Improvements achieved through ongoing research activities enable the user to handle increasingly complex

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Evolution of an adaptive unsupervised speech controlled system

In this paper we present a self-learning speech controlled system comprising speech recognition, speaker identification and speaker adaptation. Our goal is the automatic personalization of

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