Tobias Herbig

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Main area of research
Speech enhancement

Tobias Herbig’s research interest is in the area of speech enhancement.

Selected articles

Low-Complexity Pitch Estimation Based on Phase Differences Between Low-Resolution Spectra

Detection of voiced speech and estimation of the pitch frequency are important tasks for many speech processing algorithms. Pitch information can be used, e.g., to

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Detection of Voiced Speech and Pitch Estimation for Applications with Low Spectral Resolution

Speech enhancement algorithms are employed in many applications, such as hands-free telephones, or speech recognizers, to recover a speech signal that is recorded in a

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Voice Activity Detection Based on Modulation-Phase Differences

Many speech processing algorithms rely on voice activity detection (VAD) that separates speech from noise. For this task, several features have been introduced that employ

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Kurtosis-Controlled Babble Noise Suppression

When a speech application is employed in a crowded environment, the user’s voice superposes with many interfering voices. This babble noise is a challenge for

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Features for voice activity detection: a comparative analysis

In many speech signal processing applications, voice activity detection (VAD) plays an essential role for separating an audio stream into time intervals that contain speech

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