Tim Haulick

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Main area of research
Speech enhancement

Selected articles

A morphological approach to single-channel wind-noise suppression

Today, a variety of technical devices deploy spoken language processing technology. In many practical use cases, not only stationary ambient noises but non-stationary interferences, such

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Voice in the user interface

Interacting with voice-based interfaces on a broad variety of devices spanning smartphones, tablets, TVs, cars, and kiosks is becoming a routine part of daily life.

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A compact microphone array system with spatial post-filtering for automotive applications

Compact microphone arrays allow for directional filtering with a minimum of installation space. They are therefore particularly suitable for automotive applications. Typically, compact arrays are

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Microphone calibration for multi-channel signal processing

The application of microphone arrays and adaptive beamforming techniques promises significant improvements compared to systems operating with a single microphone as the spatial properties of

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Signal processing for in-car communication systems

Due to a large amount of background noise the communication within a car driving at high or even moderate speed is often difficult. This is

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