Peter Stubley

Peter Stubley
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Main area of research
Natural language & AI

Peter Stubley is a Senior Principal Manager currently leading the Question Answering team in the NL/AI Labs. His research interest is in the area of Natural Language & AI.

Previously he worked in the Speech Research group at Bell-Northern Research, where he focused on language modeling, continuous speech recognition, and dialog management, and Locus Dialogue, where he worked on robust dialogs. He joined the Nuance team under the company’s acquisition of Locus Dialogue. Peter earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and is the author of nine publications.

Selected articles

Voice in the user interface

Interacting with voice-based interfaces on a broad variety of devices spanning smartphones, tablets, TVs, cars, and kiosks is becoming a routine part of daily life.

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Password-dependent speaker verification using quantized acoustic trajectories

Speaker verification requires either two steps (identity claim and verification) or the use of speech recognition to determine the password phrase. The single step method

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Visualizing speech trajectories

While most research into pronunciation variation focuses on the phonology of the problem, this paper examines the problem in the acoustic domain. The motivation for

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On the redundancy of optimum fixed-to-variable length codes

There has been much interest in recent years in bounds on the redundancy of Huffman codes, given only partial information about the source word distribution,

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Adaptive variable-to-variable length codes

In the last several years, adaptive codes for fixed-to-variable length and variable-to-fixed length codes have been described. This paper examines two methods for implementing adaptive

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