Peter Patel-Schneider

Peter Patel-Schneider
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Main area of research
Natural language & AI

Peter Patel-Schneider is a Researcher in the Nuance Artificial Intelligence and Language (NAIL) Lab. His research interest is in the area of Knowledge Representation & AI. Currently, Peter is working on ontologies and reasoning support for conversational systems. In general, he is interested in making description logics useful in applications, as well as the theory of description logics. Patel-Schneider has made significant contributions to the fields of Web Ontology Languages, DLP (an experimental description logic system designed to allow various optimizations for description logic reasoning to be easily investigated that he developed) and the Classic group, which he lead.

Selected articles

From SHIQ and RDF to OWL: The making of a web ontology language

The OWL Web Ontology Language is a new formal language for representing ontologies in the Semantic Web. OWL has features from several families of representation

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A new general method to generate random modal formulae for testing decision procedures

The recent emergence of heavily-optimized modal decision procedures has highlighted the key role of empirical testing in this domain. Unfortunately, the introduction of extensive empirical

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