Matthew Cecil

Matthew Cecil
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Main area of research
Natural language & AI

Matthew Cecil is a Natural Language Understanding Research Engineer with Nuance. He has worked extensively on Dragon TV, writing NLU grammars and contributing to NLU models. He is also heavily involved in semantic annotation of media-related utterances, designing the annotation system / NLU ontology, working with annotators, and managing annotated data.

Before joining Nuance, Matt was pursuing a PhD in Linguistics from UC Santa Barbara. His linguistic interests center around using computational, corpus-based methodology to study interactional and conversational practices. His MA Thesis is titled "Cross-linguistic variation in turn-taking practices." He has presented original linguistic research at UCSB’s Workshop on East Asian Linguistics entitled “Continuers and Positive Response Particles.” He left the PhD program after being offered the job with Nuance.

Matt holds an MA in Linguistics, and a BA in Chinese and Anthropology from the University of Colorado. In a previous life, he has served as a Chinese and ESL teacher, and as an IT support technician. He lives with his family in Seattle.