Markus Buck

Markus Buck
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Main area of research
Speech enhancement

Selected articles

A subband based acoustic source localization system for reverberant environments

In this paper an efficient acoustic source localization sys­tem is described which works within a subband process­ing framework and is robust against reverberation. The proposed

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Spatial maximum a posteriori post-filtering for arbitrary beamforming

We present a new approach for residual transient noise suppression at the output of an arbitrary beamformer. A spatial optimum esti­mate for the instantaneous a

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Acoustic array processing for speech enhancement
A compact microphone array system with spatial post-filtering for automotive applications

Compact microphone arrays allow for directional filtering with a minimum of installation space. They are therefore particularly suitable for automotive applications. Typically, compact arrays are

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Aspects of first-order differential microphone arrays in the presence of sensor imperfections

Array processing for broadband signals like speech is not a trivial task. Most sensor arrangements and the related beamforming algorithms show strong frequency dependent characteristics.

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