Karen Wallace

Karen Wallace
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Main area of research
Natural language & AI

Karen K. Wallace is a Principal Scientist in the Linguistic Technologies group. Her research interest is in the area of Natural Language & AI. Karen began working at Intelligent Text Processing in 1992 and continued working with Kathleen Dahlgren at Cognition Technologies. She was one of the company's first lexicographers, and has worked on all of Cognition's lexical databases to varying degrees. She developed the inflectional and derivational morphology programs and has worked extensively on the reader, phrase, and sense selection modules. Karen also developed much of the grammar used in Cognition's parser. Her primary linguistic interests are in syntax and morphosyntax, and she has enjoyed writing and debugging code in Prolog, C, C++, and Python. Karen studied German as an undergraduate and earned her B.A. in linguistics from UC Santa Cruz with a syntax thesis addressing word order in German. Her UCLA masters thesis was a study of infinitival phrases with non-subject gaps in English syntax. For her UCLA Ph.D., she completed a study of morphosyntax in Crow (Siouan language family).

Selected articles

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