Jacques Duchateau

Jacques Duchateau
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Main area of research
Speech recognition

Selected articles

A new approach to merging gaussian densities in large vocabulary continuous speech recognition
HMM based acoustic modelling in large vocabulary speech recognition

In general the aim of an automatic speech recognition system is to write down what is said. State of the art continuous speech recognition systems

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Large vocabulary continuous speech recognition: Improvements in acoustic modelling and search

This paper describes the main improvements we made in two of the basic modules in our HMM-based large vocabulary speaker independent continuous speech recognition system:

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Pseudo-segment based speech recognition using neural recurrent whole-word recognizers

Describes a recurrent neural network based, isolated word speech recognizer. The recognizer uses 2 MLPs. A first, static MLP is used for classification of frames

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Automatic modeling of user specific words for a speaker independent recognition system

The problem addressed in this paper, is the incorporation of user specific words in a speaker independent speech recognition system. No transcription is used to

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