Holger Quast

Holger Quast
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Main area of research
Natural language & AI

Holger Quast is responsible for the speech recognition and natural language understanding strategy for consumer electronics devices as product manager for the VoCon recognizer in Nuance’s Mobile division. Previously, he started and led the automotive natural language understanding research group and managed the Dragon Drive UI team at Nuance. He is passionate about creating smart personal assistants that aid their users wherever they are, understand who they are, and know how to best help them. Holger studied physics and neurocomputing in Göttingen and at UC San Diego and holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Göttingen. He is also a scuba instructor and enjoys photography, both in and out of the water. A father of three, he lives with his family close go Ghent, Belgium.

Selected articles

Robust Pitch Tracking in the Car Environment

In this paper, we compare four different pitch tracking algorithms – autocorrelation, cepstrum, harmonic product spectrum, and a new method based on the modulation spectrum

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Grundfrequenzbestimmung aus dem Modulationsspektrum
Automatic Recognition of Nonverbal Speech

An Approach to Model the Perception of Para- and Extralinguistic Vocal Communication with Neural Networks

Absolute Perceived Loudness of Speech

A number of speech samples recorded with different amplifier gain are subjected to a psychoacoustic loudness model developed for this project. For this, the recordings are normalized

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