Gennady Karvitsky

Gennady Karvitsky
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Main area of research

Dr. Gennady Karvitsky is a Principal Researcher on the voice biometrics team. His research interest is in the area of biometrics. Gennady began his career in the speech field at Advanced Recognition Technologies (ART), where he was responsible for the development of speech recognition algorithms for mobile devices. While Gennady was at Persay as a voice biometric researcher, he actively participated in the development of all aspects of the Persay voice biometric algorithmic engine. When Nuance acquired Persay, Gennady continued his research and assisted in the migration of the engine into Nuance products. Currently his interests are in the fields of voice biometrics and machine learning. Between journal articles and conference proceedings, Gennady has 10 publications to his credit, as well as three issued patents. He received an M.S. in Mechanics and Applied Mathematics from Kharkov National University and a Ph.D. in Radio Physics from the Institute of Radio Astronomy, Kharkov.

Selected articles

Nuance – Politecnico di Torino’s 2012 NIST speaker recognition evaluation system

This paper describes the Nuance-Politecnico di Torino (NPT) speaker recognition system submitted to the NIST SRE12 evaluation campaign. Included are the results of post-evaluation tests,

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