Eric Buist

Eric Buist
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Main area of research
Natural language & AI

Eric Buist’s research interest is in the area of Natural Language Processing. He obtained his Ph.D in 2009 at the University of Montreal. His thesis proposes several tools and techniques that can be used to improve efficiency when simulating contact centers using stochastic models. Eric joined Nuance in 2009 as a software research engineer and developed an expertise in computer/human dialogs. He contributed to the Advanced Dialog Kit (ADK), which is the basis of the dialog engine of Nuance Cloud Services virtual personal assistant and predecessor of Nuance Conversation Engine (NCE). He is currently working on tools and techniques to analyze dialogs in logs from NCS. Eric has interests in dialog, machine learning, stochastic modeling and software engineering.

Selected articles

Conception et implantation d’une bibliothèque pour la simulation de centres de contacts

Master’s thesis ContactCenters is a library we developed for writing contact center simulators using the Java programming language and the SSJ simulation library. It supports

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A Java Library for Simulating Contact Centers
Variance Reduction in the Simulation of Call Centers
On the Interaction Between Stratification and Control Variates, with Illustrations in a Call Center Simulation
Speeding up Call Center Simulation and Optimization by Markov Chain Uniformization

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