Doug Peters

Doug Peters
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Main area of research
Natural language & AI

Doug Peters has been working in Applied Cognitive Science for twenty years, having joined the Acoustic Speech Recognition group at Nortel in 1995, and subsequently working at “blue” Nuance before its acquisition by the present Nuance. Doug’s PhD (1993 from the University of Victoria) is in Statistical Signal Processing, and he has experience and publications in Speech Detection, Speaker Verification, Speech Signal Processing, Acoustic Modeling, Adaptation, Natural Language Processing and Dialog Systems. Doug has twenty unclassified publications and ten patents. His present interest is the efficient leverage of learned patterns for NLP.

Selected articles

A broadband application of memoryless narrowband GSC/NLMS adaptive beamformers
On the limits of speech recognition in noise
On the limits of cluster-based acoustic modeling
Hypothesis-driven adaptation (HyDrA): a flexible eigenvoice architecture
Dialog methods for improved alphanumeric string capture

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