David Martin

David Martin
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Main area of research
Natural language & AI

David Martin is part of the Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning group. His research interest is in the area of Natural Language & AI.

Prior to joining Nuance, David worked as a researcher in the Artificial Intelligence Center of SRI International, as a technical lead at Siri, Inc. and Apple, and as a software designer/developer at Mark V Systems. He has conducted and led research on a broad range of AI technologies, primarily in knowledge representation and reasoning, software agents, intelligent personal assistance, and natural language processing. Martin has been a leading figure in research on Semantic Web services, in which he co-led the development of Semantic Web services specification languages OWL-S (OWL for Services) and SWSL (Semantic Web Services Language), both of which became W3C Member Submissions. He was a major contributor to the foundational technology used in Siri and to its development as a product at Siri, Inc. and Apple. He was a co-developer of the Open Agent Architecture, a pioneering software agent framework released as open source and used in many research and prototyping efforts, and a contributor to the information extraction system FASTUS and its commercialization as Discern Communications. David has co-edited 2 books, authored about 30 peer-reviewed research publications, presented a number of keynote presentations and tutorials at conferences, played numerous organizational roles for conferences and workshops, and co-invented 5 patents.

Selected articles

Building distributed software systems with the open agent architecture

The Open Agent Architecture (OAA), developed and used for several years at SRI International, makes it possible for software services to be provided through the

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The open agent architecture: a framework for building distributed software systems

The Open Agent Architecture (OAA), developed and used fro several years at SRI International, makes in possible for software services to be provided through the

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Using information extraction to improve document retrieval

The authors describe an approach to applying a particular kind of Natural Language Processing (NLP) system to the TREC routing task in Information Retrieval (IR).

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Information brokering in an agent architecture

To date, document identification based on keyword matching strategies has been the basis of most efforts to provide assistance in accessing information resources on the

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Multimodal user interfaces in the Open Agent Architecture

The design and development of the Open Agent Architecture (OAA) system has focused on providing access to agent based applications through an intelligent, cooperative, distributed,

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