Christian Spurk

Christian Spurk
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Main area of research
Natural language & AI

Christian Spurk is a Senior Research Engineer in the NLU Tools team.

As Christian's interests were always more on the practical aspects of natural language processing than on the theoretical side, he joined CLT Sprachtechnologie early on as a student assistant and later as a software engineer. There he implemented corpus construction, maintenance and analysis tools for computer-assisted lexicography projects. In the end of 2006 Christian joined the Language Technology lab of German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). As a software engineer, he developed various NLP system demonstrators, prototypes and web applications, for example in the areas of question answering, coreference resolution and semantic search.

Christian has a passion for software development best practices and for the free and open-source software ecosystem.

Selected articles

The QALL-ME Framework: A specifiable-domain multilingual Question Answering architecture

This paper presents the QALL-ME Framework, a reusable architecture for building multi- and cross-lingual Question Answering (QA) systems working on structured data modeled by an

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Entailment-based question answering for structured data

This paper describes a Question Answering system which retrieves answers from structured data regarding cinemas and movies. The system represents the first prototype of a

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