Adrian Neagu

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Main area of research
Natural language & AI

Early on I was headed to the academic  environment, going to teach computer hardware and signal processing. But then switched countries (again) and started in the private sector as acoustic modeling researcher  and felt lucky that I was one of the few around me to have a job in relation with my PhD. Feeling lucky ended with  that company bankruptcy but  that was the beginning  of a very interesting journey in software engineering. From the R part of R&D I moved to the D part, in this  embedded speech recognition R&D group. For about 10 years, I did most possible jobs there. Spent most of the time as toolsmith and process engineer but was also porting engineer, release engineer, software  tester, etc. Also worked with my small team from remote subcontractor (Ukraine) for 3 years. Next step was moving even closer to the customer, as QA Manager of the Automotive Professional Services group. Hosting the customer-mandated assessments, I became myself an INTACS-certified assessor. After a bit more than 2 years I came back to the D part of R&D, this time for server-side products. where I feel I can contribute most in the years to come.