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Speech enhancement

37. Jahrestagung für Akustik (DAGA 2011), Düsseldorf, Germany, März 2011.


Tobias Wolff, Markus Buck

Adaptive receive side equalization for improved intelligibility in automotive hands-free systems


The intelligibility of the received audio signal in automotive hands-free systems typically suffers from limited bandwidth as well as from being rendered in noisy environment. Additionally, a hands-free system is often operated in different vehicles, and therefore also with different amplifiers and loudspeakers. A car-specific tuning including the final sound system is, however, expensive and not always possible. Therefore, the amplifier-loudspeaker-enclosure (ALE) system changes in different applications. As a consequence, the perceived quality of the presented speech signal may vary depending on the utilized audio system and the acoustics of the car cabin. In order to increase the intelligibility, artificial bandwidth extension (BWE) may be employed [1]. Automatic volume control and adaptive equalization are further means to enhance the SNR for the listener, whereas the equalizer can also be used to equalize the ALE system.

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