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Proceedings ITG-Fachtagung Sprachkommunikation, Aachen, Germany, 2008.


Tobias Wolff, Markus Buck, Schmidt, Gerhard

A subband based acoustic source localization system for reverberant environments


In this paper an efficient acoustic source localization sys­tem is described which works within a subband process­ing framework and is robust against reverberation. The proposed system is related to the adaptive eigenvalue de­composition algorithm proposed by Benesty et al. and uses adaptive subband filters to model the room impulse responses. The subband filters are analyzed in order to estimate the relative time delay between the direct sound paths. The subband processing permits for special exten­sions in the filter adaptation rule which allow for an effi­cient extraction of the time delay information and tracking of moving sources. The proposed system has been eval­uated in real acoustic environments with different rever­beration times, and is compared to the generalized cross correlation method.

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