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Natural language & AI

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 18, 2003, pages 351–389.


Peter Patel-Schneider, Roberto Sebastiani

A new general method to generate random modal formulae for testing decision procedures


The recent emergence of heavily-optimized modal decision procedures has highlighted the key role of empirical testing in this domain. Unfortunately, the introduction of extensive empirical tests for modal logics is recent, and so far none of the proposed test generators is very satisfactory. To cope with this fact, we present a new random generation method that provides benefits over previous methods for generating empirical tests. It fixes and much generalizes one of the best-known methods, the random CNF test, allowing for generating a much wider variety of problems, covering in principle the whole input space. Our new method produces much more suitable test sets for the current generation of modal decision procedures. We analyze the features of the new method by means of an extensive collection of empirical tests.

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