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Nuance’s R&D team of talented scientists, linguists and engineers pioneers innovation in human-machine intelligence and communication, resulting in groundbreaking strides in voice, language understanding and AI that redefine how people and technology co-exist.

Research areas

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Text to speech

Text-to-Speech (TTS) is a corner-stone Nuance technology, with a long research history combining ideas integrated from several teams and new hires

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Natural language & AI

Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence technologies enable users to communicate with the digital technology they use everyday, whether for work or recreation

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Speech recognition

Turning speech into text is at the heart of an amazing variety of products and services that enrich peoples’ lives

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Voice biometrics enables authentication through processing natural speech patterns

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Speech enhancement

Speech enhancement is focused on evolving the technologies used in voice-driven interfaces for an enhanced user experience and greater application flexibility for manufacturers

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Recent articles

Augmented transition networks as psychological models of sentence comprehension

This paper describes the operation of an augmented recursive transition network parser and demonstrates the natural way in which perceptual strategies, based on the results

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A multi-processing approach to natural language

Natural languages such as English are exceedingly complicated media for the communication of information, attitudes, beliefs, and feelings. Computer systems that attempt to process natural

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The pragmatics of presupposition

This paper compares the two main proposals for describing presuppositions, the logical notion which takes presupposition to be a (logical) relation between two sentences, and

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GUS, a frame-driven dialog system

GUS is the first of a series of experimental computer systems that we intend to construct as part of a program of research on language

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Phonetic categorization in auditory perception

To investigate the interaction in speech perception of auditory information and lexical knowledge (in particular, knowledge of which phonetic sequences are words), acoustic continua varying

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A view of parsing

The questions before this panel presuppose a distinction between parsing and interpretation. There are two other simple and obvious distinctions that I think are necessary

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Breaking news

Charlie Ortiz featured on CNET’s list of Most Influential Latinos in Tech

Charlie Ortiz, head of Nuance’s Sunnyvale based AI lab, is #15 on CNET’s list of most influentual latinos in the tech industry. He was also featured there last year.

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Upcoming event

ASRU 2017
Okinawa, Japan
- December 20

Nuance is a sponsor of ASRU 2017, come and meet us there. For example at the student lunch, or join the Nuance talk: Matthew Gibson, Gary

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Featured researcher

Prateek Jain

I work as Principal Research Engineer at Nuance Research in...

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Beyond the algorithms: Shaping the future of the Automotive Assistant for autonomous cars

Conducting research on artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent assistants is often discussed in the context of algorithms and deep learning – and of course data. However, we as researchers must also understand the environment in which this intelligence will operate. Only if you adapt the functionality to the context of use can your system be successful. […]

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